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Blade Repair

We specialize in repairing wing damage and managing wing mechanics.

Ensuring the upkeep of external components like blades and tower sections is crucial for the wind turbine’s durability and efficiency. Our technicians are certified in blade repair, holding qualifications such as GWO, Siemens, or Enercon blade training.


In addition to blade repair, our technicians are proficient in metal coating repairs, LPS testing, and installing supplementary blade components like vortex generators and LEP systems.

About Us

Pioneering the green revolution, Wind N More strives to become your foremost maintenance provider in the wind industry. From intricate blade repairs to regular servicing, we actively contribute to a greener future. Specializing in wing damage repairs and wing mechanics, we offer competitively priced service and maintenance solutions. Working closely with our customers, we endeavor to find cost-effective repair options that can be conducted onsite, minimizing the need for cranes and costly transport.

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